Randy Karey

pastel artist

Randy Karey's interest in art started at an early age, as early as he can remember. "My parents said I was an easy kid to raise" explains the artist. "They just handed me a pencil and paper and I was gone for hours". The desire to just draw for hours is still there, but as the Chief Creative Officer of his own firm, Randy has to balance his time between his agency and his art. "I think my work as a creative director helps my painting and vice versa. The principles of design are the same".

Randy graduated from the University of Kansas where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and then later went on to study with Irving Shapiro at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, a school that taught art in the classical tradition. It was there that he become fascinated with the human form. Randy says "I believe that the human form offers the possibility to express every nuance of emotion".

In the last few years Randy has focused almost exclusively on pastel painting, especially portraits. He says "The sparkle of pure pigment that you can put down is almost unmatched in any other medium".

Randy resides with his wife, Marsha and their two children in Buffalo Grove, IL.

Randy Karey